Post Hospital Care
Transitioning from the hospital to home

What post-hospital care does is to help the patient return home to a lower level of care after a stay at the hospital.

At Amazon Health Services, we have a exceptional post-hospital care service intended to help individuals make an effective transition from the hospital back into their home. This care begins with our caregivers(nurses, therapists & providers) – all with one goal of improving your condition to avoid going back into the hospital.


  • Dressing, showering and personal hygiene
  • One on One Support at home
  • Respite Care
  • Shopping
  • Sleepovers
  • Supervision

Some of the reasons why individuals would need post-hospital care are if they are recovering from heart complications, a chronic illness, cancer, neurological/pulmonary issues. Any of the above-mentioned conditions may qualify the individual for post-hospital care.

We offer an expansive range of physical rehabilitation to help individuals reach a greater level of daily independence. This can be achieved by healing through physical therapy or simply helping with transitioning at home.

All our home caregivers are well-trained, experienced professionals that well versed in handling post-hospital care cases. Post-hospitalization recovery isn’t an easy process and often can be challenging if there are major recovery measures ahead. LET AMAZON HEALTH SERVICES HELP YOU!